The activities that we offer our students have many benefits but the most important is to practice your Spanish in a new and fun context. In addition, our activities allow you to learn and experience pieces of our history and culture here in San Pedro La Laguna! The following are some of our extracurricular activities:

maya paintingDialogue Circle: During dialogue circle, groups of 5-6 students of the same level and one lead teacher will discuss a relevant topic of interest. The lead teacher will facilitate the conversation while the students put their Spanish speaking skills into practice. Dialogue circle is every day, Monday to Friday from 5pm to 6pm. (our activities are subject to change, according to weekly schedule)

Conferences: This activity is an opportunity for you to learn about many different aspects of Guatemala. This includes topics related to the culture, politics, economy, the civil war during the 1980s, the education system, the peace treaties, and many others.

Excursions: We offer outdoor activities such as hikes to "The Mayan Nose" and San Pedro Volcano! We also arrange kayaking trips from San Pedro to San Marcos, horseback riding tours, Zip line tours, and a cultural tour of San Pedro. These are a few of our excursions that we offer on a weekly basis! (Additional costs vary according to the excursion).


We are a group of teachers committed to the long-term development of our community, and we believe that fundamentally, Education is the best route to individually and collectively achieve our goals as human beings. For that reason, we have decided that a percentage of the income Community Spanish School receives will go directly to support the impoverished children of our community so that they may buy basic school items that will allow them to attend their local school. Through this unique partnership, you will have the opportunity to practice your Spanish by volunteering in one of our public schools that Community Spanish school supports. You’ll be able to teach in areas like English, Math, or Computers. As a final note, if you would like to bring materials from your home country, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, calculators, clothes, story books, and coloring books, we’d be more than happy to distribute these into the schools we support.