San Pedro's Community Spanish School donates, helps and supports at Lake Atitlan.
We work to give a fair chance in life to every child, everywhere.

BOOK A CLASSand donate Q100 automatically

Help Our Community... enhance the quality of our public schools. It often lacks to have simple working materials for each child.

Access To Internet

Broadband Internet is failing to reach most of our people living around the Atitlan lake. With your donation we are able to buy computers for the school and connect our kids to the world.

Bread for Atitlan

In the small villages that dot the shores of Lake Atitlan, there are few sources of income. The mostly indigenous population suffers from high levels of poverty, with women and children often stricken with poor health and chronic malnutrition as a result.

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We are donating soon again. Help us to support our community in San Pedro! With every booking you donate Q100 automatically to our community projects. It is our responsibility to give something back. Book a Spanish Class with Community Spanish School and help us to help!


San Pedro's Community Spanish School supports kids and families around Lake Atitlan. Key issues of our work are food security, the promotion of health and education, the access to water, respecting human rights, keeping peace and the integrity of creation. By studying with us at Community Spanish School you're directly helping to provide Heath, Nutrition and Education to the children of Lake Atitlan.

Each student who learns Spanish with us helps at least one child in San Pedro and around Lake Atitlan to receive education and nutritious food. Q100 from every booking goes 100% into our community projects. Sharing is one of our most valuable aims: Meet the children, you sponsor, and learn how their life is.